CC4E is an independent group of 18 volunteer community members formed to inspire a dialogue about the future of Steamboat schools. The committee includes individual representatives from each school’s Parent Information Committee and one from the District Accountability Committee plus three district employees — the superintendent, a principal, a teacher and a high school student. It also includes a city staff member, county representative, a representative from the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, a retiree, the parent of a preschool student and four at-large community members identified to help make sure the committee represents many cross sections of the community. Click here for a list of committee members.


The ultimate goal of the committee is The Best Education for Our Students. In this effort we will strive to build trust and credibility with the community, create well-informed and empowered staff, parents and community members, generate enthusiasm around the successes of our schools and help foster continued two-way dialogue.


The Board of Education voted on July 18 to ask voters to approve two ballot questions in November.

1) A $12.9 million 7 year bond for the following three projects:
  • Replacement roofs at SPE, SSMS, SSHS, the District Office (7th St building) and the Transportation building.  The board will pursue a BEST grant to offset the cost of the roofs.
  • HVAC installation, upgrade, and replacement at SSMS
  • Gardner Field turf and track replacement and stadium improvements.  The board will ask EFB to help pay for the stadium improvements
An ongoing mill levy with a set mill levy amount that will generate $1,000,000 in the first year, for capital renewal.

The additional cost to taxpayers for the seven year bond and ongoing mill levy is estimated to be $3.25 per month or $39 per year per $500,000 of market value for residential property owners, and $36 per month or $434 per year per $500,000 of market value for commercial property owners.  

A citizens’ oversight committee will be formed to ensure that taxpayer funds are used as promised.  Click here for the district presentation.

"While we are disappointed that the Board of Education did not consider the CC4E recommendations for the ballot in November 2017, we are pleased that the Board is moving forward on asking voters to approve a $12.9 million bond that will fund critical projects at our schools. These projects include new roofs at the high school, middle school, Strawberry Park Elementary, the 7th St. building, and the transportation center; a new HVAC system at the middle school; and repairs to the track, turf and stands at Gardner Field.  In addition, we agree that a recurring mill levy is needed to cover yearly maintenance costs that were previously paid by the state of Colorado.

More importantly, we are encouraged that the Board of Education will begin discussions on Phase 2 soon. Although there are still some variables about enrollment at Montessori and west side development, we have learned that most school districts start planning new schools when they are at 85% capacity and that Colorado mountain towns are facing construction costs that are increasing every year by 14.4%, which means that in five years from now, in a similar economic environment as today, the cost to build a school will be roughly double what it costs today. These escalation costs demonstrate that a long-term plan needs to be agreed upon soon.

CC4E's strategic long-term vision for our schools is still valid.  From the thousands of comments we received and many forums we conducted, we believe the long-term comprehensive plan should keep our centrally located high school where it is with an expanded pod for science labs and other programming needs; the current Strawberry Park Campus should be converted into a middle school campus; and small elementary schools should be located in neighborhoods where students can walk or bike to school, similar to our current neighborhood elementary school, Soda Creek.

We hope that the School District and Board is ready to collaborate on a long-range plan that fits Steamboat values and is fiscally responsible.  We strongly advise that board members and District leadership take both the comments we collected in 2016-2017 and the 2015 Bond vote into consideration when deciding on Phase 2. 

CC4E stands ready to work together on Phase 2 and we will continue to represent the community's concerns as the Board and District move forward."

CC4E Recommendation Summary:
Phase 1, $28.9 M - $30.9M:  
  • Take care of deferred maintenance (BoE proposing partial maintenance recommended)
  • Build a gym at Strawberry Park Elementary School (not in BoE proposal)
  • Build new pod at the High School to house science labs and other programming needs (not in BoE proposal)
  • These are items that were included in all of the pathways and can be taken care of immediately and do not jeopardize any future long-term strategic master plan.
Phase 2, cost TBD :  
  • A long-term comprehensive plan of a centrally-located existing high school and middle school with small neighborhood elementary schools. 
  • Further evaluate the pathways developed by the CC4E Facilities Committee

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this process. Recommendations were made on May 8, 2017. Click here for the presentation.

PATHWAYS TO A SOLUTION: Click here for the presentation and handout. A series of meetings with key stakeholder groups and Community Forums were held in late March, April and May to discuss the current challenges and potential pathways to a solution.


The Committee welcomes the public to attend its meetings at the District Office, 325 7th Street, every other Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. Check the Meeting Updates page for details.

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CC4E is a volunteer organization and receives no funding from the Steamboat Springs School District. We need your help to fund projects related to the topics identified in the community forums. If you would like to donate, please contact us via our DONATION form. Any contribution is helpful.