CC4E is an independent group of 18 volunteer community members formed to inspire a dialogue about the future of Steamboat schools. The committee includes individual representatives from each school’s Parent Information Committee and one from the District Accountability Committee plus three district employees — the superintendent, a principal, a teacher and a high school student. It also includes a city staff member, county representative, a representative from the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, a retiree, the parent of a preschool student and four at-large community members identified to help make sure the committee represents many cross sections of the community. Click here for a list of committee members.


The ultimate goal of the committee is The Best Education for Our Students. In this effort we will strive to build trust and credibility with the community, create well-informed and empowered staff, parents and community members, generate enthusiasm around the successes of our schools and help foster continued two-way dialogue.


In spring of 2016, CC4E held a series of community forums where community members voiced opinions about the future of education in Steamboat Springs. Committee members also met with other community stakeholder groups including teachers, district staff, business groups, and other organizations. The Committee wrapped up its community comment period on Aug. 31, 2016.

By the end of the comment period, over 2,500 comments were collected - all comments are available for review on the CC4E website www.cc4e.org. Seven categories were identified during the meetings - Facilities, Accountability, Programs, Policy, Finance, Community/ Collaboration, and Staff. District demographics was also an overall theme. During the summer months, CC4E formed task forces (which include committee members, community members, teachers and district staff) on each topic and the subcommittee members worked to sift through the comments with the goal of providing some recommendations to the Board of Education by the end of 2016. Click here to review the comments by category.

The committee hosted a series of Fall Education Forums to continue the dialogue about the challenges and desires for the future of education in our schools, respond to comments and questions related to the topics identified by the community and provide an opportunity for feedback on potential recommendations to the Board of Education. Click here to find the reports and presentations from the Fall Forums on Education.

Click here for a fact sheet with a CC4E assessment on the current state of our school facilities.


The Committee welcomes the public to attend its meetings at the District Office, 325 7th Street, every other Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. Check the Meeting Updates page for details.

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CC4E is a volunteer organization and receives no funding from the Steamboat Springs School District. We need your help to fund projects related to the topics identified in the community forums. If you would like to donate, please contact us via our DONATION form. Any contribution is helpful.

The committee is seeking community members to serve on Task Forces to address the topics identified in the community comments. If you are interested in serving on one of the Task Forces please link here to signup. Task Force topics will mirror the topics identified in the community comments -  Facilities, Accountability, Policy, Finance, Community Collaboration, Programs and Staff.