Policy and Accountability combined had the most comments of all during the 2016 spring community forums. Because many aspects of policy and accountability are related, when dividing into sub-committees, CC4E members decided to combine comments for Accountability and Policy so topics could be addressed together. 

To further clarify the work, the Accountability and Policy Task Force defined each category:

Policy:  Federal, state, city or local SSSD policy – this could be local interpretation of state policy like out-of-district; district policy like the hiring or drug/alcohol policy; or federal policy for example nutrition or Special Education.  It is policy if you can answer the question – is there an existing policy? Does it need to be changed or created? Or does it need to be enforced?

Accountability:  There is a saying that “policy is 80% implementation.” Accountability means holding decision-makers accountable to an existing policy – attendance, hazing, bullying, hiring, firing, etc.  In essence, if a policy is not implemented and communicated across all the schools and to all stakeholders consistently, it as if the policy does not exist at all and there is no accountability.

Many comments and many issues but three themes were most apparent:
  1. Improve Communications: community wants better two-way communications at all levels (BoE, Superintendent, schools, teachers)
  2. Implement Transparency for all decision-making: Budget, finance, policy implementation, hiring, evaluating
  3. Increase Accountability: Who is holding SSSD (Admin, principals, teachers, budget, policy, etc.) accountable? Are existing policies being implemented?
The Policy and Accountability Committee developed recommendations based on community comments for the Board of Education, District Administration, principals, teachers and parents to improve communications, transparency and accountability.  The Board committed to informing CC4E by June on which recommendations they will implement and the Policy and Accountability Committee is presenting to staff over the next two months to present their recommendations to the other stakeholders.

Click here for the final presentation.

The third forum in the 2016 Fall Education Forum was hosted by the Accoutability and Policy Task Force on Nov. 17, 2016 at Library Hall. Community members participated in groups to help prioritize recommendations to the Board of Education. Please link below for the public presentation.

Steamboat Springs Community Forum on Education
SCHOOL DISTRICT ACCOUNTABILITY, POLICY AND PROGRAMS: Discussion on how our schools are run, what programs we offer, our successes and opportunities on how to improve our schools.
with members of CC4E Community Community on Education and school district staff.