School Finance

One of the seven categories identified in the community forums was School Finance. We have reviewed the questions regarding School Finance and have created a list answers from our research. Members of the Finance Task Force include Jeanne Mackowski, Dean Vogelaar, Adonna Allen, Liz Allen, Karen McRight. 

In July, Jeanne Mackowski provided a presentation on School Funding in Colorado to the committee Click here for the preliminary report on School Funding in Colorado.

At the Fall Community Forum on Oct. 27, the Finance Task Force hosted a discussion on School Funding in Colorado as well as an in depth analysis of the district budget at the High School Auditorium. If you missed the Fall Community Forum on Finance please see the links to the presentations below.

PAYING FOR OUR SCHOOLS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW by Carol Hedges Executive Director of the Colorado Fiscal Institute
A LOOK BEHIND THE BUDGET NUMBERS presented by Mark Rydberg, Director of Finance for Steamboat Springs School District


We found video resources from the Colorado School Finance Project to help understand the state of school funding in Colorado.

Colorado: Did You Know 2017? This video provides information on the impact of Colorado's funding for K-12 on our students, districts and our state. This is the second in the series Colorado: Did You Know? describing the school finance situation in Colorado.

Colorado-U.S. Average: Per Pupil Funding & 4 year Graduation Rate: This video compares Colorado's per-pupil-funding and 4 year graduation rates to the U.S. averages.

This video helps explain the interaction between two constitutional amendments in Colorado (TABOR and Gallagher). It also explains why home owners will see a property tax break at the same time Colorado's budget makes cuts.