Steamboat School Board will ask voters to approve $12.9M bond, $1M annual mill levy for upgrading facilities
July 18, 2017 / Steamboat Today
The Steamboat Springs School Board voted unanimously July 18 to direct Superintendent Brad Meeks to draft ballot language needed to go to the district's voters in November seeking approval both to take on $12.9 million in bonded indebtedness and a $1 million ongoing capital construction. READ MORE

Steamboat school administrators may recommend $12.9M bond, mill levy at Tuesday meeting
July 17, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Steamboat Springs School Superintendent Brad Meeks and Finance Director Mark Rydberg on July 18 are expected to recommend that the school board seek voter approval in the November election for a $12.9 million bond issue to tackle three significant overdue maintenance projects, plus a $1 million... READ MORE

What will it cost? A menu for possible Steamboat Springs school projects
June 26, 2017 / Steamboat Today
The consulting firm NV5, working on behalf of the Steamboat Springs School District,  has provided its tentative cost estimates  for a variety of capital projects under consideration by the school board. The school board is in the process of determining its highest priorities and which of those... READ MORE

Steamboat school board conflicted over funding maintenance over new classrooms
June 26, 2017 / Steamboat Today
A conflicted Steamboat Springs School Board wrestled Monday night with the balance between the school district's responsibility to catch up with long-deferred maintenance – old roofs and a deteriorating outdoor athletic complex – and the higher calling of building new classrooms to enhance the delivery... READ MORE

School board willing to jeopardize vacations to meet ballot deadlines?
June 20, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Members of the Steamboat Springs School Board had reason to worry this week about the status of their summer vacation plans. As they continue the march toward a presumed November ballot question to ask the voters for millions of dollars needed for school construction  projects, the board's... READ MORE

Steamboat school board grapples with escalating building costs
June 19, 2017 / Steamboat Today
The Steamboat Springs school board was presented Monday night with a graphic demonstration of the rapidly escalating cost of maintaining and building public school facilities in the Colorado mountains. Colleen Kaneda, a project director for NV5, the school district's consultant helping it to decide how... READ MORE

CC4E: Community input, support appreciated
June 14, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Dear Editor, We are writing to thank you for the May 16 editorial, "Our view: CC4E's recommendation to Steamboat school board makes sense." We want to make sure the community knows that the Steamboat Springs Board of Education will discuss on June 19 and decide. READ MORE

Yampa Valley High School celebrates completion of courtyard
May 24, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Yampa Valley High School officially "baptized" its beautiful courtyard where students study, eat and even attend class. It was a project two years in the making. "If you can imagine, before all this, there was just dirt and trash here," said lead teacher Chuck Rosemond. READ MORE

Bond issue not ideal for Steamboat Springs school maintenance?
May 23, 2017 / Steamboat Today
There was support among Steamboat Springs School Board members May 22 for tackling $15 to $18 million in long-deferred maintenance on existing school buildings but not perhaps with the use of long-term indebtedness like a bond issue. The School Board isn't planning to make definitive decisions. READ MORE

Clark Davidson: $31M bond is not the answer
May 17, 2017 / Steamboat Today
"Addressing deferred maintenance in a bond poses two issues: first, it’s not a long-term solution for maintenance; and second, it proposes a long-term payment schedule for maintenance." — Clark Davidson READ MORE

Our view: CC4E’s recommendation to Steamboat school board makes sense
May 16, 2017 / Steamboat Today
" . . . in light of a number of mitigating factors that have surfaced in recent months, we think the group’s recommendation makes good sense." — Editorial Board READ MORE

CC4E and Steamboat Springs School Board come together for workshop, open discussion
May 15, 2017 / Steamboat Today
A week after the Community Committee for Education turned over its recommendation to the Steamboat Springs Board of Education for updating district schools, the two groups sat down together for a frank discussion. READ MORE

Timetable for Steamboat schools bond issue already tight
April 24, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Steamboat Springs school board member Michelle Dover said the board has been coming together like never before in 2017 in an effort to upgrade or build new school facilities. READ MORE

CC4E recommends $31M bond to update Steamboat Springs School District facilities
May 9, 2017 / Steamboat Today
A community group that’s spent more than a year studying the needs of the Steamboat Springs School District is recommending an estimated $31 million bond to address the district’s most immediate facilities needs. READ MORE

Coffee and a Newspaper to host CC4E group
April 30, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Steamboat Pilot & Today will host Coffee and a Newspaper from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 3 at the newspaper office, 1901 Curve Plaza. The topic will focus on the future of Steamboat schools. READ MORE

Our view: Exploring collaborative solutions
April 22, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Sometimes, viable solutions to vexing problems come to light when loosely related issues are considered in tandem. READ MORE

Kevin Sankey steps down from role in Steamboat's future schools committee
April 21, 2017 / Steamboat Today
Kevin Sankey, one of the most visible members this spring of a citizens committee studying and educating the public on options for new schools in the Steamboat Springs School District, confirmed April 21 he has stepped down from the committee, citing frustrations with school district officials. READ MORE

School facilities group holding final community meetings
The Community Committee for Education is preparing to give a recommendation to Steamboat Springs Board of Education, and it wants more feedback from the public. READ MORE

Four chances to weigh in on future Steamboat Springs School District facilities
March 20, 2017 / Steamboat Today
The Community Committee for Education is ready for the general public to weigh in on a handful of possible options for the future of Steamboat Springs School District facilities. READ MORE

Time's Up
March 14, 2017 / Steamboat Today Editorial
We were more than a little concerned last week to learn that the Community Committee for Education, or CC4E, has extended the timeline for presenting its recommendations for school facilities construction and upgrades to the Steamboat Springs School Board. READ MORE

CC4E group still eyeing 2017 for school facilities ballot measure
March 13, 2017 / Steamboat Today
A year after the Steamboat Springs School District designated community members to develop a plan for the district’s future, the group is making slow but steady progress. READ MORE

Group pushing back timeline for Steamboat Springs school facilities recommendations
March 6, 2016 / Steamboat Today
A group working to make recommendations for the future of the Steamboat Springs School District will need to push back its timeline for bringing suggestions for facilities upgrades to the school board. READ MORE

More than 50 new students join Steamboat Springs School District following winter break
January 15, 2017 / Steamboat Today
The Steamboat Springs School District welcomed 54 new students from 13 states and five countries during a larger-than-normal enrollment boost following winter break. READ MORE

Committee reveals five options for future of Steamboat Springs schools
November 29, 2016 / Steamboat Today
Community Committee for Education members Tuesday got a first look at five new options for updating Steamboat Springs School District facilities. READ MORE

CC4E: Steamboat Springs School District should improve transparency, communication
November 17, 2016 / Steamboat Today
A task force studying Steamboat Springs School District accountability and policies is recommending district leaders work to improve communication with the community and show more transparency when making decisions. READ MORE

New Steamboat Springs enrollment forecast presented
November 10, 2016 / Steamboat Today
School enrollment forecaster Jim Looney said Thursday that his report for the Steamboat Springs School District uses a combination of math and art to make projections about the district’s future enrollment. READ MORE

New school district demographics report highly anticipated
October 11, 2016 / Steamboat Today
Anticipation is building for a new Steamboat Springs School District demographics report, with stakeholders curious to see how new projections compare to a 2014 report. READ MORE

Thursday forum aims to educate public on school finance
October 25, 2016 / Steamboat Today
Like all districts in Colorado, the Steamboat Springs School District's funding was adversely affected by the Great Recession. READ MORE

Community Committee for Education plans educational series - October 10, 2016 / Steamboat Today

School finance for dummies - Understanding the Steamboat Springs School District's budget crunch - October 9, 2016 / Steamboat Today

School board seeking more updates from CC4E community group - August 21, 2016 / Steamboat Today

CC4E seeks new school district demographics report - August 10, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Our view: Avoid paralysis by analysis - August 9, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Education committee will wait until 2017 to make ballot recommendations - June 1, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Coffee and a Newspaper event to focus on education - April 29, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Community Committee for Education continues discussing district needs - April 27, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Community Committee for Education kicks off trio of forums - March 30, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Get involved, get informed - March 29, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Community education forums set for tonight, Thursday - March 29, 2016 / Steamboat Today 

Committee plans forums to gather input on school district - March 22, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Steering Committee hears from 10+2 leader - March 8, 2016 / Steamboat Today

School steering committee members identified, first meeting held - Feb. 23, 2016 / Steamboat Today

School facility steering committee members identified - Feb. 23, 2016 / Steamboat Today

Steamboat schools facility steering committee to meet Tuesday - Feb. 22, 2016 / Steamboat Today

DAC will help Superintendent Meeks with steering committee - January 31, 2016 / Steamboat Today


Cooler heads prevail at Steamboat Springs school board meeting 
December 5, 2016 / Steamboat Today
Monday night’s Steamboat Springs School District Board of Education meeting took on a more subdued tone after a contentious meeting Nov. 7. READ MORE

Letter to the Editor: Margaret Huron: Change is needed 
December 4, 2016 / Steamboat Today
It has become clear to me in evaluating the latest developments in communication among school board directors that change is needed. We are a diverse group with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives, but the common goal is clear.  READ MORE

Letter to the Editor: Margaret Huron: Time to give thanks 
November 22, 2016 / Steamboat Today
At this time each year, we are all reminded to be grateful for the good things in our lives. This year many thanks goes to: READ MORE

Steamboat Springs School District updating budget after mill levy passage 
November 16, 2016 / Steamboat Today
The Steamboat Springs School District is making quick work of updating its budget following the narrow passage of a mill levy to fund full-day kindergarten. READ MORE

Editorial: Our view: Vote ‘yes’ for tuition-free, all-day K 
October 11, 2016 / Steamboat Today
Steamboat Springs School District voters are being asked to approve Referendum 3C — a mill levy override to fund free all-day kindergarten — and we believe the ballot issue deserves a “yes” vote. READ MORE

School board votes for mill levy to fund full-day kindergarten - August 23, 2016 / Steamboat Today

School districts report preliminary enrollment - August 28, 2016 / Steamboat Today

The education tax: Why spending Steamboat's half-cent sales tax isn't so simple - March 24, 2016 / Steamboat Today